How to Donate:

There are three ways to donate money to help the family with their expenses (this covers medical bills for both Ava and Jay, unexpected costs, and will help supplement their income as Jay clearly is not able to go to work). These options are listed in the order of least to most fees.

US Bank: Donations can be made in your local branch through cash or check. Ask to donate to the "Jay Mott Benefit Account" (if required, the city is Virginia, MN). This option is the best; the family receives 100% of your donation.

Donate button: Located on the top of every page on this site is a button that says donate. This is a direct donation through PayPal. Each donation costs 2.9% + .30 cents of each transaction for processing.

GoFundMe: This site also helps get the word out. Each donation costs 7.9% + .30 cents of each transaction for GoFundMe's fee plus processing.

Other Ways to Help:

Check out the Events page. Maybe you can attend, have a bite to eat, enjoy the ball game, and maybe you'll even win something!
Think kindly of us.
Do something to make a child happy.

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